General Anesthesia

General Anesthesia, often referred to as “being put to sleep” or “sleep dentistry,” is a medical procedure that renders your child completely asleep in a pain-free environment, allowing for the safe provision of dental diagnostics and treatment. Dental treatment under general anesthesia is an effective way to provide care to apprehensive children, children too young to be able to sit in the dental chair for treatment, and children or adolescents with special health care needs.

The general anesthesia used when completing dental treatment is the same as that used in procedures like the placement of ear tubes or having tonsils removed. The choice to have dental treatment for your child under general anesthesia involves the consideration of many factors and can only be decided by you and your dentist together after a thorough exam has been completed. The use of general anesthesia is only suggested for a child when the benefits far outweigh the risks of this treatment.

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